• Any properly contexted online-or-offline Circle of people can make it their custom that at any time, any member of the Circle can call upon any other members to Hold and Navigate an Emotional Healing Process (EHP) for them, and therefore, become a circular Healing Village.

  • The Possibility Management Healing Village

    The PM Healing Village train Edgeworkers in basic and advanced skills in holding space for Emotional Healing Processes contexted in Radical Responsibility using Archiarchal Thoughtmaps and Processes.


    It is 2020, COVID hit the news, the borders, and people. A small group of Possibility Managers decide to meet for a very first Online Study Group of the book Radiant Joy Brilliant Love. The Study group is held by Clinton Callahan. (You can watch the recordings here: https://buildinglovethatlasts.mystrikingly.com/)


    The space is safe enough for participants to reveal their 5-body state. Many sharings have to do with some kind of Emotional state. Week after week, one question surfaces at almost every meeting: "Will you do the Emotional Healing Process for this Emotional Reactivity?". Participants say 'Yes!' excited to liberate themselves from the familiar grip of confusion, swamp, panic, depression, unconscious fear, etc...


    Each person then is invited to ask: "Who will hold space for me for this EHP?" Hands go up. But people are afraid: "I don't know how to hold space for an EHP for someone else." The answer is simple: "Then it is time to learn by experimenting. And always ask for feedback and coaching from your client."


    This is how the Healing Village started. As a giant experiment of making use of Basic Archan Thoughtware and Possibilitator Skills for Emotional Healing Processes.  


    It is then that a committed group of Possibility Managers decide to take Authority to develop their ability to go through EHP and to hold space for EHP. They soon discovered that one goes right along the other. The more they could navigate their inner Clarity, the better they could hold space for others to do the same.


    Noticing they had much to learn, they start a small group to practice. The Emotional Healing Collaboration group is birthed by Devin Gleeson, and Eithne Leahy. Quickly a small Team forms: Nicole Hartley Bradford, Naomi Warndorff, Leslie Greenwood and Christine Ploschenz join the practice space.


    In three years, the Emotional Healing Collaboration group went through a number of iteration and grew up to 700 members. Possibilitators from all over the world joined the group after participating in a regular Possibility Team, an Expand The Box Training or a Rage Club, or found Possibility Management in a summer festival or online conference.


    The Healing practices in the Possibility Management gameworld drastically evolved due to the creating of the Healing Village!

    • The 3-3-3 Anger practice is now a fundamental step in upgrading your nervous system to experiencing and expressing Feelings and Emotions, as Very Low Intensity and also Very High Intensity. Join the 3-3-3 Initiation Crossroad (Telegram group) to meet 3 times a week for a short practice time.
    • EHP Dojo have sprouted in almost every online Trainings, and outside of them too. For example, if you participate in a Rage Club, there is almost always a EHP Dojo happening in parallel.
    • You learn immediately in an Expand The Box Training, to hold space for Basic Inner Navigation Skill Practice and Emotional Healing Processes.
    • There are now hundreds of Possibilitators who are delivering Emotional Healing Processes, Possibility Coaching, Gameworld Consulting and Feelings Practitioner Processes.


    In 2024, the Stewards for the PM Healing Village – Anne-Chloé Destremau, Nicole Nette, Gabriel Hudry Lechemin – have been wrestling with the question of stewarding a Circular Healing Village (i.e. nonhierarchical) with Integrity, Love and Empowerment as a Map for future Archan Healing Villages to come.


    For the past 3 years, the PM Healing Village was anchored in the Emotional Healing Collaboration (EHC) Telegram group. We noticed that the EHC was sometimes used as a ‘free-cathartic-emergency-hotline’.


    We realized that it is now time for this Village’s next radical Evolution.


    We are now clear that the central purpose of the PM Healing Village is to train Edgeworkers – meaning: you! – in basic and advanced skills in going through and holding space for Emotional Healing Processes (EHP) contexted in Radical Responsibility using Possibility Management Thoughtmaps and Tools and Processes.


    Whatever your Possibilitator Specialty is – Archan Permaculture, Communication Bridger, Possibility Mediator, Rage Club Spaceholder, Feelings Practitioner, Bridge-House Steward, Initiator, Riftwalker, Gameworld Builder, … holding space for EHPs is a basic skill for any Archan.


    The Possibility Management Healing Village gameworld is been reborn with now 5 main Centers:



    We are celebrating! It is together that we have created an extraordinary possibility: Collaborative Healing.


    One of the main transformations that occurs in a Collaborative Healing Village is escaping the old thoughtware paradigm that 5-Body health is provided by some 'authority figure' you are supposed to give your Center away to.


    Our Healing Village is leading the path to Circular Healing.


    This Spaceholder Team wants to thank you for your participation and your courage so far. This new Phoenix Process of the PM Healing Village throws us all (again) into the unknown of creating and inhabiting a new dimension of Archiarchy together.


    As we go on taking the next steps into the unknown, we are glad to be with you. Let us stay connected for the washing machine ride.

  • How It Starts

    The Healing Villagers accompanies each other into their next becoming. 


    There is a quality of Welcoming someone's Being in to the Village.


    A growing number of people in the Healing Village found that did not experience this quality of Being fully and completely Welcomed in the world by an Initiated Adult who could hold the shattering intensity of a Heart-to-Heart, Being-to-Being connection with a new born baby.


    They are now, themselves, standing at the gate of the Healing Village and opening their arm to the many unseen Beings who find this space. They call themselves 'Being Birthers' or 'Being Accompanier'.


    So many of us are still needing to Be Welcomed fully and completely, with our Beings.


    When a Being gets born, the Village heart breaks, it breaks to make space for a whole new Being to enter the living organism of woven Beings and Lives.


    If when your Being was born, the heart of your Village do not break, you are missing the experience of Being fully and completely Welcomed. No space was made for you. So often, the result is that you resent your Village (your parents, your siblings, but also Gaia and the world at large) because they have not welcomed you, they did not let their heart break for you.


    What we discover is that it can happen now. You can choose to be welcomed by a new Village. One in which people learn to have their heart broken together.


    And, we are doing Edgework. It is possible that you unfold in way that are so new and radical that even members of your Village cannot comprehend or even see. In those moments, you can learn to welcome yourself. Because your parents cannot do it, maybe the trainer cannot do it, the other participants cannot do it, but you know what is happening.


    The invitation is to learn to respect and put your attention on this part of you more to unfold than the lack of welcoming .


    The PM Healing Village is a space where you learn to use your own heart and come to Life, you celebrate yourself and in some moment of resonance and reverence, the Village celebrates your becoming by having our own heart broken by your Being coming to life.


    For most of your life, it might have been perfectly acceptable to make claims such as, “I feel unheard. I feel righteous. I feel betrayed. I feel rejected. I feel superior. I feel not good enough. I feel insulted. I feel unworthy. I feel privileged. I feel underprivileged,” and so on, ad nauseam.


    Ignoring the distinction between thoughts and feelings creates a field of such confusion that communications cannot be resolved. Feelings and thoughts then get mushed together into a kind of energetic quicksand out of which it is nearly impossible to climb without resorting to war. To confirm this statement, consider the history of modern culture.


    When the U.S. representative acts ‘insulted’ and ‘outraged’, and then uses this emotional reactivity as his excuse to veto a ruling that would fight global warming internationally, it is not revealed that his true emotion is child-level fear of financial reprisals from his corporate sponsors… and thus the world burns.


    It is the same at the scale of your own personal relating with your partner, family, friends and colleagues. The Gameworld Consultants of Possibility Management have witnessed from front row seats that the downfall of so many well-intention communities and ecovillages starts with the lack of clarity between Thoughts and Feelings, and between Feelings and Emotions.


    Making a contextual distinction between thoughts and feelings empowers whole nations and international organizations (and also individual persons, couples, families, neighborhoods, and villages) to stand in the clarity that: unheard, righteous, betrayed, rejected, superior, not good enough, insulted, unworthy, privileged, underprivileged, etc. are NOT feelings. They are thoughts combined into stories.


    This simple distinction is not necessarily easy to source. Re-grooving your nerves' pathways from believing your own stories to making use of Emotions for Healing and Feelings for Creation takes practice and a shift of your Point-of-Origin into a context of Adult Responsibility.


    Emotional Healing Processes are not about "processing emotions".


    "Processing" emotions enacts the therapeutic / psychoanalysis and New Age context. From the psycho-analysis perspective, "process" means to understand and be able to capture whatever is going on with you in your mind. From the New Age context, "process" is to catharte (Catharsis) your emotion by expressing full out Emotion in order to make them go away.


    Neither approach create resilient and regenerative Transformation for your Being to exit the Survival 8 Prisons of your Box and Gremlin.


    In the context of Radical Responsibility and using the tools of Possibility Management, being in Process means being in Transformation. Emotional Healing Process means using your Emotions as a gateway to upgrade what you can take Responsibility for: what you can Notice, Distinguish, Ask for, make a Boundary, Declare, Take A Stand, Commit, new ways of Relating, creating Gameworlds, and delivering your Nonmaterial Value.


    Transformation occurs through taking Responsibility as an Adult, as source (not as a Victim or an additional pressure). The shift to the ecastasy of taking Responsibility requires many Upgraded Thoughtwares and practice in Basic Inner Navigation Skills.


    Such as:

    * Where is your Center? Can you keep your Center around your partner? And around anybody else? If not, then it is time to practice!

    * Experiencing and expressing your 4 Feelings and 4 Emotions, meaning Letting Your Heart Speak to the degree that you can feeling and speaking at the same time, one not hindering the other. Which is something that in addition to practice with a spaceholder, you can do with your partner, Bridge-House member and even your mother!

    * Which of your 5 bodies might be starving and therefore you are imbalanced and create Low Drama in your Relating as a reaction?

    * Have you upgraded your nervous system to be able to experience Anger at Very Low Intensity Feeling so that you do not only experience your Feelings when they go above your Numbness Bar? This is what the 3-3-3 Initiation is for.


    The idea of "processing" is so invasive in Standard Intelligence Human Thoughtware that is blocks the possibility of EHP.


    In Basic Inner Navigation Skill practice, you not only build a strong Inner Structure for your Being, you also learn to hold space for someone else, which is an incredible way to gain perspective on your own Hooks and Low Drama. Letting other forces do their work on you than your usual survival patterns.


    This is an encouragement to keep in Mind and Heart to also Practice together and not only ask for an EHP when there is a unmanageable trigger.


    Using EHP as a last resort is comparable to putting a bandaid on a bullet wound. Consider Basic Skill Practices as steps to avoid the bullet in the first place! Then, your energy does not have to bleed out 10 times a day, and you can use it for something else than Emotional Reactivity!


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  • How It Works

    This Healing Collaborative functions in a Village applying

    Torus Technology for its meetings and decision-making


    Villaging can be an estranged concept if you were born in a hospital surrounded by doctors who have no ties to your family, if you lived in a house with only your nuclear family and slept in your own bed, if you were sent to school at 5 years old to unknown teachers who have no commitment to your Being, your knacks or your dreams, if you went on to work a hierarchical corporate job for money without accountability to your colleagues, to Gaia, or to your Archetypal Lineage, if you have dedicated your life to survival.


    Villaging means accountability. Ah! Dangerous word. Who wants to be accountable these days? In Modern Culture, you learn to avoid Responsibility and Accountability at all costs. If you can find someone else to blame or complain about, you can be righteous about your behaviour. If you can avoid taking a risk, then you can relax. Patriarchal thoughtware says: Being Responsibility is Stupid.


    Archan Villaging comes about when a certain number of people upgrade their thoughtware about Responsibility, and find Adult Joy in being Accountable to something greater than themselves. Responsibility from the Point-of-Origin of Next Culture Archiarchy is Possibility.


    Shifting from the old to the new Thoughtmap of Responsibility often requires an in-between Journey of Radical Freedom. When you start asking yourself: "Now I have all this freedom, what is it good for?", this would indicate the time when your Being in ready to give its life to something else than yourself without giving your Center with it.


    Archan Villaging is weaving your intelligence with that of the group to source Nonlinear Unreasonable New Possibility.

    Archan Villaging is choose to empower others on their Path of Evolution.

    Archan Villaging is collaboratively creating something that does not belong to anyone - the Village, but that is cherished by many.

    Archan Villaging is sourcing a 'home' where Beings are welcomed.

    Archan Villaging is being heart broken in the company of others who are just so, not to despair, but towards Aliveness.


    One question on the table here is, can we make use of the richness of these diverse perspectives while co-creating together as a Team?


    Creative Team Collaboration does not mean to sacrifice your Authority, your Radical Freedom, your Voice, your Center, your Archetypal Lineage Mission, or any of that. On the contrary, it means to amplify your Resources beyond what you might be able to imagine at the moment.


    We search wide and far to find a meeting and decision-making technology that would amplify each person's Stellated Infinite Resources when in company of each other. We did not find it, so we invented it. That is: Torus Technology.


    There is much to learn about how Torus Technology functions.


    Some of the core elements are:

    • There is an Infinity Ring that steward the gameworld. Joining the Infinity Ring happens when you are organically stewarding the gameworld. As of 2024, the Infinity Ring is composed of Anne-Chloé Destremau, Gabriel Hudry Lechemin and Nicole Nette.
    • The PM Healing Village is composed of Node that care for a specific facet of the Village.
    • Anyone can start a Node or make Proposals as long as they participate in the improvement and evolution of the PM Healing Village. If you make such a Node/ Proposal, it is your job to carry it out.
    • Emotional Reactivity is not a based of Creative Collaboration, it is a doorway to an Emotional Healing Process. We use The Purple Card.


    We will go as far as saying that the biggest healing that occurs within the PM Healing Village is not per se through EHP. Those are, evidently, impactful to the point of miraculous at time; and are absolutely necessary in growing up in Adulthood.


    And, it is the Growing Up Path that provides the basic foundation the true healing.


    The kind of healing that is offered is the one that occurs when:

    • you can hold your energetic center on your physical center, and Be Centered around anyone
    • you can Experientially Distinguish and Radically Rely on your 4 Feelings, and Let Your Heart speak
    • you can set Boundaries and take care of yourself at 100% in all 5 Bodies around anyone, that includes also your Underworld Parts
    • you can Listening to someone else without being innerly hooked by your inner considerations (Voices, Gremlin Hooks, Child Egostate fears, etc...)
    • you can Speak into a Vacuum Listening space without Being Adaptive, without fulling someone else's Expectations, or fight their Assumptions and Conclusions about you
    • you can autonomously Choose from a resilient Inner Structure and a re-calibrated Compass of Reality

    These are Adult competences. And they are build through step-by-step, diligent Practice. It is when the practice is no longer possible because there is an Emotional Reaction that it is time to ask for and go through an Emotional Healing Process.


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    The Center open for anyone wanting to develop skills to be an EHP Client, 

    while preparing yourself to becoming a EHP Spaceholder.


    This is THE space to train with others your BASIC INNER NAVIGATION SKILLS.


    The EHP APPRENTICE Center is open to the public, meaning to anyone of the Path of taking Authority for their own Healing at first, and then for a Healing Village. Because, how can one exist without the other?



    Participation is the key to join the PM Healing Village. In Modern culture, you might have developed habits to being served 'healing'. In Archiarchy, your participation is the first big step in Healing through Growing Up.


    1. The first step when entering EHP APPRENTICES is to read the following websites:

    Start doing the Experiments listed on these websites, and record your Matrix Points in your free account at https://login.startover.xyz/


    2. The second step is to ASK & HOLD SPACE for an exchange of BASIC SKILLS PRATICE for one of the four basic skills for an EHP. These PRACTICE SPACES are exchanged for no monetary cost. Find the explanation for BASIC SKILL PRACTICE in the next section.


    3. Join the Emotional Healing Dojo happening on Friday held by Nicole Nette (see information in the EHP Apprentices Telegram group). As a first time participant of the Dojo, you mostly likely be invited to witness so that you can have an experience of how an Emotional Healing Process goes. If you want to join as a Client, it is also a Possibility. There is space to ask questions at the beginning and end of the space. Access the information to join the Dojo under the '3-3-3 & Basic Skill Dojos' Topic in the EHP APPRENTICES Telegram group.


    4. Join the monthly EHP: Deepen Your Context & Skill-Up - in short 'Skill-Up' - held by an experienced EHP Spaceholder or Possibility Coach.


    An Emotional Healing Process is a facilitated Transformational-change experience. An EHP is not psychoanalysis, or therapy. Nor is it breathwork, energy healing, chakra reading or reiki. While many of you have been trained in other healing modalities, an EHPs does not equate to other methods, because different methodologies emerge from different contexts. Often, other healing modalities do not start from Radical Responsibility.


    An EHP is not Catharsis. An EHP is a Cathexis process in which the Client of an EHP uses the information and energy of their Emotional Body to transform their Being’s shape. An EHP is a doorway to a new Identity and a new interaction with the world. Catharsis does not accomplish these things for you.


    Therefore, to be an EHP Client is to practice the following Basic Inner Navigation Skills:

    • The ability to Inner Navigate your 4 Feelings and 4 Emotions Consciously. A Shift of Identity requires a Liquid State, a death of the old identity for a new identity to be born. In the Liquid State, you will feel something. Without clear and powerful Anger, Sadness, Fear, and Joy Inner Navigation skills, either you will avoid the Liquid State altogether, or the Liquid State will bring you no new shape because you stop at the level of mere Catharsis instead of going for Cathexis.
    • The ability to navigate Very Low Intensity Feelings by drastically lowering your Numbness Bar through 3-3-3 Initiation. The 3-3-3 Initiation rewires your nervous system to being able to sustain the intensity of experiencing Feelings Consciously. Join a Team in the 3-3-3 Crossroad Telegram group (link in the 3-3-3 website).
    • The ability to distinguish and let each of your 5 Bodies speak and be nourished. Especially, learning to distinguish between your Mind and your Heart, and learning to Hit Bottom and stay there. If you are not aware of an imbalance or a starvation in your 5 bodies, this has the potential of creating Reactivity, that cannot be healed through an EHP, only through feeding your 5 bodies fully.
    • The ability to Be Centered, Grounded and Bubbled. In Modern Culture, you have been trained to give our center away to your ‘healers’ (and many other imaginary ‘authority figures’). In Archiarchy, Healing is Growing Up. Healing is gaining Authority and Agency in domains you previously were in childish survival about, for Eye Of The Needle’.
    • The ability to distinguish your 6 Egostates. This helps you ongoingly and in real-time answer the question, “Which ‘I’ is speaking?” for yourself, and others, whether they are interested in the answer to that question or not.
    • The ability to Speak into a Vacuum Listening space, and in reverse, the ability to Listen as a Vacuum. You might be so accustomed to automatically justifying yourself even in your own mind, that you do not know who you are when you are not defending yourself. Which Parts of your Being can show up when the connection is safe from opinions, beliefs, judgments and assumptions?


    Practicing together in EHP APPRENTICES is a direct exchange, meaning that each time you meet, each person in the pair (or in a bigger group) practices the Basic Skills. We are apprenticing together. There is no 'teacher'. The Basic Skills are necessary for going through a full EHP. We all need ongoing practice.


    In the EHP APPRENTICES Center, you can also ask for an EHP SPACEHOLDING from a trained EHP Spaceholder.


    You can ask for a FREE SPACEHOLDING, which could be answered by a EHP Collaborator who is,at that moment in their Path, sharpening their skills.

    You can ask for a PAID SPACEHOLDING. In this case, please announce the amount you are willing to exchange.


    The Spaceholder of the PM Healing Village is holding space for a rotation of 10 to 20 EHP Spaceholders In Practice. These are Possibilitators who have developed BASIC INNER NAVIGATION SKILL, and who are already holding space for EHP (free & paid). They are declaring themselves to sharpen and hone their EHP Spacehholding and Space-navigating skills but holding space for APPRENTICES.


    The list of EHP Spaceholders In Practice is posted in the EHP APPRENTICES group and updated regularly. In January 2024, the Spaceholder Team is still working to put this list in place.


    Join the Telegram group here: https://t.me/+v1CzwdAoc6dkYjVh


    Basic Inner Navigation Skill Pratice: 4 Feelings / Letting Your Heart Speak

    Basic Inner Navigation Skill Pratice: Become Centered

    Basic Inner Navigation Skill Pratice: Why 'I' is Speaking? Distinguishing Parts

    Basic Inner Navigation Skill Pratice: Vacuum Listening and Speaking Into A Vacumm

  • Skill-Up your EHP skills.

    A monthly space,

    the EHP: Skill-Up and Deepen Your Context is both introductory space into holding space for Emotional Healing Process, and a practice space of one or more Basic Skill.

    Each month, a different Trained EHP spaceholder or Possibility Coach is present.



    @7.30-9.30pm CET (subject to change)

    What is an Emotional Healing Process?

    What is a spaceholder?

    Where do I even start?

    How do I know if I am ready to ask for an EHP?

    How do I know I am ready to hold space for an EHP?

    What if I hurt people?

    I am not qualified!

    Or you rationalized why you are not taking the leap to try: "It is not as important as making money or relaxing." "I am already so stressed, I don't want more stress." "I don't know how to make it."


    You are not the only one with these questions or voices!


    The Skill-Up & Deepen Your Context brings you closer to your wish of Healing and supporting other people's Healing by listening to your questions, and giving them different perspective that you might not have thought of.


    You also get to practice, in real time, in a completely safe environment, a foundational skill in small breakout rooms with your fellow healers.

    You will quickly realize that you are more of a spaceholder than you think!


    Find all information about the event and registration procedure at the PM Global Offers Team Up Calendar under 'Worktalk/Workshop': https://teamup.com/ksv2xq34sxiagcuei1

  • Skill-Up #1

    your Emotional Healing Processes. An introduction space held by Nicole Nette and Nicole Hartley Bradford.

    Skill-Up #2

    your Emotional Healing Processes. An introduction space held by Nicole Nette and Nicole Hartley Bradford.

    Skill-Up #3

    your Emotional Healing Processes. An introduction space held by Nicole Nette and Gabriel Hudry Lechemin.

    Skill-Up #4

    your Emotional Healing Processes. An introduction space held by Nicole Nette.

    Skill-Up #5

    your Emotional Healing Processes. An introduction space held by Vera Franco & Nicole Nette.



    The Center to train yourself and empower others to become clear, powerful and ecstatic EHP Spaceholders!


    An EHP Spaceholder can walk into any gameworld on planet Earth and offer Emotional Healing Processes to liberate the potential of your fellow Edgeworkers.


    This means you are training to deliver EHPs in Festivals, Conferences, Seminars (online or offline), Ecovillages, Intentional Communities, Yoga Studios, Wellness Centers, Holistic Clinics, Bridge-Houses, Archiarchy Invention Centers (AIC), Ashrams, and also NGOs, Public and Alternative Schools, Social Worker organizations, shelters for Women and Children, Governments, Corporations, Religions, etc...


    The purpose of EHP COLLABORATIVE is to liberate your Healing skills to liberate the other Healers and Agents of Transformation.

    You are no longer on your Path of Healing exclusively for yourself.

    Your work continues through serving the evolution of others.


    In EHP COLLABORATIVE, you can ASK FOR EHPs from trained Spaceholders, and DELIVER EHPs as a trained Spaceholder.

    You can also form or participate in Emotional Healing Intensive Groups, or 3Cells for yourself or others for a particular Liquid State journey. https://liquidstate.mystrikingly.com


    There are two main Paths:


    1. Train as an EHP Spaceholder.

    Emotional Healing Processes are needed by everybody in each facet of Archiarchy from Permaculture to Child Rearing to Women's Circle to 5-body Health.

    There is no way to be in Archiarchy and not go through and hold space for EHPs on a regular basis.

    Emotional Reactivity is one the main stepping stones on the Path of Evolution. As well as one of the main reasons why projects, teams and villages collapse if not addressed.

    Archiarchy is the culture where we make use of Emotional Reactions for healing and transformation. https://archiarchy.mystrikingly.com and


    2. Train as a Possibility Coach.

    Possibility Coaching is a Possibilitator Training Specialty. Becoming a Possibility Coach is taking a stand for the gameworld of Possibility Coaching to exist and to be visible.

    If you are training yourself as a Possibility Coach, please connect with the Spaceholder of the Possibilitator Specialty: Sabine Lange. She will give you your next steps.


    Both Paths require PRACTICE. There is no Evolution and Learning without Practice. It takes YEARS to develop skills to an absurd level of effectiveness, just like being a skilled dentist or car mechanic.


    This is the Stand we are taking for Emotional Healing Processes. We are going to the next level with our Stand, and we want you to come with us and join the snow-balling Possibility of making EHPs accessible as easily as going to the movie theater!


    To keep practicing your EHP skills, please join the monthly:

    1. 'EHP: Deepen Your Context & Skill-Up' held by a EHP Spaceholder or Possibility Coach, and
    2. EHP Dojos held by different spaceholders


    We have noticed that a person can only go so far in becoming an EHP Spaceholder without having participated in Expand The Box Training (https://expandthebox.mystrikingly.com). ETB delivers crucial distinctions and initiations that become indispensable tools for your Space Navigation as an EHP Spaceholder. If you have not participated in an ETB, we greatly encourage it. https://distinctionary.mystrikingly.com


    Here are the requirements to enter EHP COLLABORATIVE from the EHP APPRENTICES group:

    1. You are already in the EHP APPRENTICES.

    2. You have read both the Emotional Healing Process and EHP Dojo websites and done the Experiments.

    3. You have participated in 3 of the monthly 'Deepen Your Context & Skill-Up' group spaces.

    4. You have exchanged at least 10 individual PRACTICE SPACE FOR BASIC SKILLS.


    Some of you in the Emotional Healing Collaboration Group have been practicing the 4 core skills already (even in other formats) and therefore are skilled enough to join EHP COLLABORATIVE. Please reach out to @annechloedestremau or @gabriel_hudry_lechemin to receive the EHP COLLABORATIVE telegram link.


    After you have completed these 4 requirements, please reach out to one of the Healing Village Spaceholders: Anne-Chloé Destremau or Gabriel Hudry Lechemin to apply for the EHP COLLABORATIVE.

    It is possible that they give you an additional challenge to better prepare you for entering EHP COLLABORATIVE.



    The Center of the Possibilitator Training Specialty where Possibilitators learn together and train each other to develop and deliver a wide range of powerful Possibility Coaching processes to individuals.



    And what is the difference between an Emotional Healing Process and a Possibility Coaching?


    The value of Possibility Coaching is that it gives you new options to choose from and the clarity and energy to transform new choices into new actions that create new results.



    The Center of the Possibilitator Training Specialty where Possibilitators learn together and train each other to develop and deliver a wide range of powerful Gameworld Consulting processes to organizations.



    The Center of the Possibilitator Training Specialty of Feelings Practitioners


    The Feelings Practitioners work with all our bodies: the physical, the mental, the emotional, the energetic and the archetypal body.


    The emotional body plays a central role, it is decisive in the interplay of all bodies. Emotions are used in their full quality and considered in the context of physical symptoms.


    The practical application of Conscious Feelings is completely innovative and distinguishes our work. Together, we investigate how the repression of feelings leads to symptoms on the one hand, and how the restored, or first-experienced, flow of feelings helps to dissolve these symptoms on the other.


    Possibilitators learn together and train each other to develop and deliver a wide range of powerful Feelings Practitioner processes to individuals.


    In this Telegram Group you have access to weekly free Clinics, experiments to gain Agency in caring for your physical body, and 1-on-1 sessions with certified Feelings Practitioners. Join here: https://t.me/+D5zI_9cI94Y2YTZk

    Feelings Practitioner Clinics

  • Resources For The Possibility Management Healing Village

    Experience the difference.


    broken image

    What is an Emotional Healing Process?

    broken image

    How to set up an Emotional Healing Intensive?

    broken image

    The Core Distinction without which Emotional Healing Process would not exist

    broken image

    Distinguishing Feelings from Emotions ccreates the Possibility of Emotional Healing

    broken image

    Unmix Your Emotions to have access to the information of their pure form.

    broken image

    Remove Energetic Blocks that limit the flow of information and energy in your 5 bodies

    broken image

    Distinguish between your 4 Feelings Consciously

    broken image

    Reclaim your Conscious Adult Anger to say 'No' & 'Yes!'

    broken image

    Consciously navigate your Adult Fear towards Aliveness.

    broken image

    Adult Sadness, the doorway to Connection.

    broken image

    Your power tool for Celebration and Teambuilding

    broken image

    Navigate Space: learn to magic of Creating Possibility

    broken image

    Healing is a shift-identity Process in 3 phases.

    broken image

    Distinguish your Part and build Integrity

    broken image

    Storyworld are Bullshit. There is useful Bullshit and not so useful Bullshit. Which one do you live in?

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    Stop Gremlin Violence through Gremlin Transformation

    broken image

    Some Memetic Constructs are prison. Find their key.

    broken image

    Finish Self-Abuse and use your energy for something else.

    broken image

    Fantasy Worlds protect you from being Alive. Pop the bubble and enter Reality.

    broken image

    Release your Baggage, start Flying.

    broken image

    Make Boundaries and get your Dignity back.

    broken image

    Hold Space: an Archan distinction

    broken image

    A calibrated Compass of Reality heal your Emotional Fears.

    broken image

    Upgrade your Nervous system into Adulthood.

  • NOTE: This website is a Bubble in the Bubble Map of the free-to-play massively-multiplayer online-and-offline thoughtware-upgrade matrix-building personal-transformation real-life adventure-game called StartOver.xyz. It is a doorway to experiments that upgrade your thoughtware so you can relocate your point of origin and create more possibility. Your knowledge is what you think about. Your thoughtware is what you use to think with. When you change your thoughtware, you go through a liquid state as your mind reorganizes itself. Liquid states can bring up transformational feelings and emotions. By upgrading your thoughtware you build matrix to hold more consciousness and leave behind a low drama life of reactivity. No one can upgrade your thoughtware for you. More interestingly, no one can stop you from upgrading your thoughtware. Our theory is that when we collectively build 1,000,000 new Matrix Points we will change the morphogenetic field of the human race for the better. Please choose responsibly to read this website. Reading this whole website is worth 1 Matrix Point. Doing any of the experiments earns you additional Matrix Points. Please use Matrix Code PMHEALIN.00 to log your Matrix Point for reading this website on StartOver.xyz. Thank you for playing full out!